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Mr. York is an experienced trial attorney with proven results in cases involving serious injuries. He began developing his trial skills in law school while working as an intern for the Federal Defenders of San Diego. He gained extensive experience in the courtroom working as a trial attorney for a prominent personal injury firm in San Diego before opening his own firm in 2010.  

Now a distinguished trial attorney, Mr. York has recovered millions in lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering for his clients. His aggressive and tireless, yet cooperative and fair approach has earned the respect of his peers in the legal community. Mr. York prides himself on developing a personal relationship with each client and maintaining an open-door policy for any questions and concerns. Mr. York enjoys investing his time and resources back into the community, participating in community organizations such as Big Brothers of San Diego and Surfrider Foundation.

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Salute - Consumer Attorneys of San Diego - 2014
Cum Laude Honors - California Western School of Law - 2005
Dean's List - California Western School of Law - 2003
Academic Merit Scholar - California Western School of Law - 2003

Why do I need a Personal Injury attorney? 

There are a million reasons, but one thing I always tell my clients is that without representation, the defense knows there is no credible threat of litigation. Litigation refers to the process of filing a Summons and Complaint in Superior Court and making arguments to judges and juries. This is the only means available of compelling the defense to adequately compensate you for your injuries. Taking a case to trial requires preparing and responding to discovery, taking depositions, filing and arguing motions, retaining expert witnesses to testify on your behalf. Knowing this is the only way to compel a fair result and knowing an individual is unlikely to successfully take on such a daunting task on his or her own, the defense is free to make whatever low ball offers they choose and the injured victim is left without fair compensation for his or her injuries. When a client hires me to represent their interests, the defense knows I am willing to go the distance to see that the client receives fair compensation. 

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When should I hire a Personal Injury attorney?

As soon as possible. I can’t tell you how many clients have come to me after attempting to make their claims on their own and there was simply nothing I could do for them because they waited too long without understanding the process. Evidence may need to be preserved. Investigators may need to take statements from witnesses and photographs of evidence that can disappear with time. One example that comes to mind is a case I litigated involving a head on collision. One of my clients was a 10 year old boy that suffered intestinal perforations. A key piece of evidence ended up being the edge of a roadway that was paved over two months after the accident. Fortunately we were able to preserve the evidence before this happened, but potential clients frequently come to me too late after trying to resolve the case on their own.
The bottom line is that you need a trained professional from the beginning to advise the client on the pitfalls that can take away any ability to recover. 

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"Integrating balance and strength work into daily life — standing on one foot while brushing your teeth, for instance,...

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