It is a known fact that the auto industry has the technology to build safer motor vehicles but what we have seen is that all too often economic considerations override safety. In an effort to cut corners, important safety features are omitted or not adequately provided. We all count on the safety devices of our vehicles to protect us if we get into an accident. But when an air bag fails to deploy or a seat belt latch breaks, a minor collision can become a catastrophic event resulting in serious injury or death.

Driving your vehicle should be convenient and safe. However, thousands of drivers and passengers are injured or killed each year due to overlooked vehicle defects. When that happens to you, you become the victim of the automaker’s negligence and you are entitled to compensation. Companies that manufacture or distribute vehicles and auto parts are legally obligated to ensure their products are reasonably safe or to adequately warn consumers of the risk they assume by using them. When they sell products that are not safe and fail to warn the public, manufacturers may be held liable for the harm their products cause.

The auto defect attorneys from The Law Office of Steven York know how important holding auto manufactures liable for their actions is in order to have safer vehicles on the road. From faulty acceleration pedals to inadequate seatbelts and airbags, vehicle manufacturers continue to produce defective products that can put you and your loved ones in harm’s way. It is important that the manufacturers of these cars correctly assemble and test their product so that you don’t have to worry if your vehicle functions properly.

An automotive defect claim is an extremely complex and detailed undertaking requiring time and money to research documents, reconstruct accidents and pitting the victim’s lawyers against some of America’s most powerful corporations. But experienced auto defect attorneys like those at The Law Office of Steven York have the appropriate skills, and resources necessary to fully investigate and identify the responsible parties in a crash caused by a defective product. Most importantly, The Law Firm of has a proven track record of litigating these complex cases on behalf of injured victims against manufacturers in both federal and state courts.

Our approach

We work hard to ensure our clients receive proper compensation for their injuries and inconveniences. We take these cases seriously because we believe that everyone should feel safe in their motor vehicle and it is their right to receive adequate reimbursement for the manufacturer’s errors.

At The Law Office of Steven York, our auto defect attorney will review the facts of your case for no charge. If we can help you, we will do so on a contingency fee basis, meaning there will be no attorney’s fees unless and until we obtain compensation for you. Each case is unique, but we are committed to delivering outstanding personalized service to each of our clients.

Our auto defect attorneys routinely file suit against the largest and most powerful corporations in the country. We represent clients who have been killed or seriously injured in automobile accidents caused or exacerbated by a design defect, including rollovers, tire tread separation and air bag and seat belt failures.

If you or your love ones have been injured or killed in an auto defect accident, call us at (619)233-1033 for free initial consultation. We are here to help.