Discs serve as shock absorbers for the bones (vertebrae) in the spine. Round, flat, small discs consist of an outer capsule of ligaments that covers an inner core, a nucleus of jelly-like material. Herniated, ruptured or bulging discs are names for injured discs that tear, rupture or bulge. 
Reality is that traffic collisions account for a significant percentage of claims involving injury to the spinal cord. Damages to victims with severe back injuries can include medical expenses, lost wages and physical and mental pain and suffering. Bulge disc injury victims can also experience a decline in their overall health due to the inactivity that results from a spinal cord injury. It is not uncommon for weight gain, diabetes or heart problems to arise as a superadded conditions. Because the spinal column serves as a switchboard of nerves connecting many different bodily systems, over the long term, affected nerves may create difficulty for other organs. Some people with herniated discs experience bowel and bladder problems. A herniated disc can occur at any place in the spine, but the most common area is the lower back.

From the perspective of pursuing a herniated or bulging disc injury claim, documenting the direct relationship between the injury and the accident will help your case. Insurance companies often try to prove that accidents are not the source of herniated or bulging discs.
If you have suffered a bulging disc, you must obtain legal representation from an experienced spinal cord injury lawyer, like those at The Law Office of Steven York, in order to ensure that the insurance company pays maximum value for your case. Our attorneys can advise on spinal cord injuries ranging from bulging discs to quadriplegia and paraplegia.

Do not make the mistake of thinking treatment is unnecessary. Also, do not assume that you can handle the claim on your own without seeking legal help. Insurance companies generally make every effort when handling your claim to avoid, delay, or reduce compensation that is rightfully yours.
Seeking legal help from The Law Office of Steven York, a law firm with extensive experience in handling herniated or bulging disc claims can help you get fair and just compensation for medical bills, lost wages, lost future income and other damages. The personal injury attorneys at The Law Office of Steven York, have been successful in helping many people who suffer from herniated or bulging discs due to the negligence of others.

Our attorneys are experienced in litigating personal injury cases involving disc injuries such as severed or bruised spinal cords, bulging discs, ruptured discs, herniated discs, and soft tissue/whiplash injuries. Any injury to the back, neck, or spinal cord can have devastating consequences, from chronic pain and weakness to complete and total paralysis. 

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