Studies has shown that the U.S. market for pharmaceutical drugs is valued at $300 billion annually. With so much money at stake, unscrupulous pharmaceutical manufacturers may enter the market and even reputable manufacturers may be less than thorough in how they test and evaluate a new drug before it enters the market. 
This has led to pharmaceutical firms choosing profits over quality control and public safety. Millions have been injured or lost their lives due to negligence in ensuring product safety and failures to warn consumers of serious health risks. At The Law Office of Steven York, we take legal action for people harmed by these dangerous medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs. 

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Holding those manufacturers of pharmaceutical drugs responsible for the harm they have caused can be challenging because of the legal and financial resources these companies have available to help them fight legitimate claims. Our firm has the necessary resources and experience to be able to effectively pursue compensation for your injuries, which were caused by a pharmaceutical drug.
Our experienced personal injury lawyers works with medical professionals, researchers, and other experts in exposing dangers and design flaws inherent in certain drugs. We assess cases thoroughly based on diligent research, and we take on cases we believe in. 
To talk through what happened to you or your family because of a defective pharmaceutical drug – anywhere in America – please contact us today. We offer a free initial case evaluation and charge no attorney fees unless we take your case and succeed in obtaining compensation for you. 
The Law Office of Steven York also represents clients who have suffered injuries involving such high profile dangerous drugs and devices such as, Yaz/Yasmin, Risperdal, Testosterone Therapy, Xarelto, and Actos
Most of our attorneys serve or have served as counsel to large national insurance companies, giving them a unique perspective on how to build the strongest case on behalf of their clients. Our pharmaceutical attorneys offer a unique blend of compassion, empathy and zealousness, and are committed to achieving nothing less for their clients than the fullest remedies available under law.
At The Law Office of Steven York, we have built a reputation for being able to truly help our clients in even the most daunting of circumstances. We understand the challenges of pursuing compensation from a pharmaceutical firm or drug manufacturer, and we are more than capable of protecting our clients' rights. Our firm excels in litigating such complex cases. 
If you have been injured by a pharmaceutical drug, you need to take action to ensure you are appropriately compensated. We offers highly effective and compassionate representation that can make a difference for you. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our skilled and experienced pharmaceutical drug injury attorney, call (619)233-1033, toll free or simply contact us online.