A motorcycle accident can often cause serious property damage and a number of injuries. After a serious motorcycle accident, many people are quick to blame the motorcyclist. They condemn motorcyclists for operating vehicles that are inherently unsafe or claim that the bikes are just too small to be seen. The majority of motorcycle accidents are not the fault of the motorcycle rider, but of the other driver. No matter how careful we are when we ride, many of us—including our family, our loved ones and friends— are involved in wrecks resulting in serious injury or death. The challenges motorcycle drivers face differ from those who drive four-wheeled vehicles. They are not as visible to other drivers and pedestrians, and they do not maintain the stability of a four-wheel vehicle. Road and weather conditions also affect motorcyclists more than drivers in closed vehicles.
When you are hurt in a motorcycle wreck due to the negligence of another person or company, you can fight for a court award or negotiated settlement for the maximum amount of money you are entitled to receive. You can be compensated for your losses, past and future, including:
•    Medical bills
•    Physical therapy
•    Motorcycle repairs or replacement
•    Wages lost while you recover
•    General damages for pain, suffering, and physical impairment
•    Punitive damages if applicable
Expenses at the time of the accident and any costs that follow can begin to add up and may not always be covered by insurance. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help fight for the compensation to cover your expenses and help you get back on track.
We know how difficult life can be for you and your family after a serious accident. With medical bills piling up and lengthy recovery time that keeps you from returning to work, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Let us do the work for you while you focus on recovering. 
At The Law Office of Steven York, however, we have more compassion for motorcyclists and their families. We believe that you have the right to drive the vehicle of your choice. We also know that many motorcycle accidents are caused by other drivers who failed to be vigilant while driving. 
Our lawyers have extensive experience helping people seek compensation after a life-changing accident. While you work on getting healthy, we will pursue compensation for damages. Our motorcycle accident attorneys know the kind of research it takes to reach the best possible outcome for our clients. We have the legal expertise and background to make sure no details of your case are missed.
The Law Office of Steven York has experience handling traffic collisions of every magnitude. We know the safety regulations and laws as they pertain to motorcyclists, and we have access to resources and information to put together a successful claim on your behalf.  
There are many parts to a motorcycle accident claim with several parties often involved. It takes dedicated time and effort, which we have the capabilities to handle.
If you or a loved one has suffered injuries as a result of a motorcycle crash, contact our motorcycle accident attorney today. Our services are on contingency basis, which means no attorney until we recover compensation for you. Call us at (619)233-1033 for free initial consultation. We are here to help.