We love dogs but we don't love irresponsible dog owners. Dog bites should not be taken lightly. A serious dog bite — even by a small dog — can result in permanent muscle damage and deep tissue scars that can require major reconstructive surgery. Children, especially, are subject not only to physical injury but also to ongoing psychological trauma and emotional distress, particularly if the visible scars are to the face, hands or lower arms. Parents who see the attack on their children can, in certain circumstances, make their own claims and recover monetary compensation for their own personal emotional distress.

In California, the owner of a dog that causes injury to someone is strictly liable for the injuries caused by the attack.  Still, many times dog bite cases can be complex.  Sometimes a landlord may be held responsible for renting to the owner of a dog that was a known threat to the public, such as when the dog has bitten someone before.  Even if a dog has not exhibited violent tendencies in the past, the owner of the dog is still liable however.  A dog’s owner is responsible for any damage caused by the dog to a person’s body or property. When a dog attack occurs, it is important to hold the dog owner accountable. Your rights should be protected.

How do we do it?
Our legal team investigating your case will develop the facts concerning the dog's prior history of aggressive behaviour, any record of negligence or mistreatment on the owner’s part, and a full identification of the victim’s injuries. In cases where multiple surgeries will be necessary to correct disfigurement, nerve damage, or complex trauma to muscle tissue, our legal team at The Law Office of Steven York will keep you fully advised of the estimated amount it will take to cover your future expenses and recovery as well as your past pain and medical expenses. As part of our investigation on a dog bite claim, we call upon medical experts to determine the severity of injuries and their impact on a person’s life. Compensation awarded as part of a claim can pay for medical costs for ongoing care.
If you or your child has suffered from a dog attack, you should speak to our attorney with experience handling dog bite cases. The long-term injuries that can result from a dog bite might mean ongoing pain and a decrease in the quality of life. A person severely bitten by a dog may require physical therapy to rehabilitate them – not to mention the expenses of this care. Some people may even need counselling due to the trauma of the attack.
We can help you recover money for immediate medical treatment for wounds and infections, as well as long-term needs such as physical and occupational therapy, psychological counselling and future reconstructive surgery. Don't let the negligent dog owner avoid liability. Your family has the right to fight for the full and fair money damages to which it is entitled.
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