Physical disabilities can be incredibly difficult to deal with. If physical disabilities keeps you from working, it is possible that you could receive legal compensation. At The Law Office of Steven York, we will provide you with the legal services you need to go after the compensation you deserve, so that you can bring financial stability back into your life and begin focusing on your health and recovery.
Perhaps you have filled your case at the office of the social disability security without appropriate attention given to it. Be aware that most claims are denied at first. This is simply because, in the matter of minutes that the person at the Social Security Administration has to review your application, he or she did not see everything he or she needed to see. What did he or she need to see? You may think that a note from a doctor saying you are physically disabled would be enough, but that is not the case. Our attorneys know exactly what the Social Security Administration needs to see, and we will pursue your case through an appeal hearing to help you get benefits.
Also, if your employer has treated you adversely because you are physically disabled, you may feel lost and unsure if you are protected under the law. Contact The Law Office of Steven York with an experienced employment attorney who will evaluate your options under the law to enable you to obtain the most complete relief possible.
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At The Law Office of Steven York, we pride ourselves with result. Our staff will handle absolutely everything from the moment a client calls for help with his or her claim.  Our attorneys have spent years learning the ins and outs of these complicated steps. Getting it right the first time is something that we will strive to do.
Have been to various law firm for your physical disability claims without result? When you turn to The Law Offices of Steven York, you'll have access to a friendly, responsive and knowledgeable staff throughout the process. 
Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your physical disability, we'll send an attorney to be at all of your hearings, so you will know that your interests will always be represented by an experienced and professional physical disability lawyer.
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