Work injuries can take a physical, financial and emotional toll on injured workers and their families. Disability from work can cause extreme financial hardship, resulting in unpaid bills and strain on family relationships. To make it worst, insurance companies often look for any reason to deny your claim, regardless of how serious your injury may be. 
A workplace injury can have a devastating impact on you and your family. You are worried about your job, money, health and family obligations. We understand what you are going through. The Law Office of Steven York is dedicated to helping you through this traumatic experience. We serve as your advocate, your guide and your support. 
What sets us apart?
At The Law Office of Steven York, we represent working people who have been injured on the job. We get denied claims accepted; we help injured workers receive proper medical care; and, we make sure they receive their weekly benefits. 
We care most about your situation and aim to do everything in our power to get what is right for you. At The Law Office of Steven York we aim to build strong relationships with the people we represent. By doing so we are able to earn the respect and trust of our clients, and work together in the most efficient way.
We are fully ready to help you pursue workers’ compensation benefits.  With years of experience in the Workers’ Compensation field, we are able to use our extensive knowledge and experience to find a solution that best meets your specific and individual needs.
With dedicated, seasoned attorneys on our staff, we make an ironclad commitment to each client, tackling every injured employee case meticulously and tirelessly. Our goal is to work as hard as we can on your behalf, so you can look forward to physical and financial recovery and get your life back.
We pride ourselves on giving each and every client the attention and dedication that they deserve and we strive to achieve the very best solution for each of our clients’ unique situations.
We handle all of our workers’ compensation cases on a contingency basis. Meaning, we do not get paid unless we get you benefits, we prevent the insurance company from altering your benefits, or you choose to settle your case.
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