Almost anyone suffering a catastrophic paralysis injury will require legal counsel to help manage his or her medical and financial situation.
When the injury is caused by people in traffic accidents, employer negligence, medical malpractice or product negligence, the offending party is responsible. However, insurance companies typically want to cover only the immediate medical costs associated with the accident that led to the injury. Paralysis is almost always irreversible, creating limitations to a person’s mobility that restricts their ability to work, and may make them dependent on caretakers and extended therapy for the rest of their lives. The financial settlement needs to consider and cover these long-term financial burdens.
For some paralyzed victims, these new issues that are now a part of their lives may seem inescapable and overwhelming. This is why The Law Office of Steven York works to help these individuals to ensure that they get the financial compensation that they need for their injuries. You don’t have to go at this battle on your own, so let us assist you with getting the care that you deserve.
In claims involving a paralysis injury, you case hinges on working with the right paralysis injury attorney who is able to assess and address all of the important considerations that arise when in catastrophic paralysis injury litigation. Only attorneys experienced in the nature and extent of the injuries and resulting damages can persuade the court that you are entitled to the maximum level of compensation. Our experienced paralysis injury attorneys will review your medical documentation, hire appropriate medical experts to testify about your paralysis injury, how it was caused and how it has burdened your life.
Our personal injury attorney knows that paralysis is one of the most catastrophic types of injuries that can result from an accident. The Law Office of Steven York, Personal Injury Attorneys, represents victims and families who have suffered paralysis as a result of any type of accident or injury. The pain and suffering and loss of the ability to enjoy life are absolutely devastating for a paralysis victim. Furthermore, it is important for victims to seek financial security for the lifetime of future medical care needs and loss of earnings that can be devastating to the victim and their family.

Regardless of what the cause of paralysis may be, let The Law Office of Steven York represent you when you need assistance. If you have a general question about paralysis or how we can represent you, give us a call at (619)233-1033 for a free consultation. In the event that you need additional help, you can rely on us to assist you in any way that we can alleviate your worries in this traumatic time.