Football is unquestionably a tough, aggressive, physically demanding sport. Injuries are common. As such, it is vital to the safety of the players that the NFL act reasonably, through research, studies, and other means, to identify the risks of serious injury associated with playing professional football; to keep the teams and players informed of the risks that they identify; and to take reasonable steps based upon their findings to protect their players. 
NFL Concussion Litigation seeks to recover damages for injuries sustained by the Plaintiffs as the direct and proximate result of the wrongful conduct of the Defendants in connection with the failure to take effective action to protect players and/or failure to inform players of the true risks associated with concussions.
Suffering from a concussion can negatively affect the life of a player for so many years, however the NFL has continued to do nothing about this serious threat to its players’ health, wellness, and safety. At The Law Offices of Steven York, we have represented former NFL player who are seeking compensation for the irreparable damage caused by concussions while playing football. 
Our lawsuits seek both damages for injuries as well as medical monitoring of players’ health to track the onset of these conditions. If you played in the NFL at any time, you may be eligible to participate in the litigation whether or not you have suffered symptoms or disabilities associated with concussions.
Our team of personal injury attorneys can assist former NFL players in seeking damages for injuries sustained as a result of this greedy and dangerous disregard for their long-term health and well-being, as well as for preventative care and monitoring. Compensation is sought mainly through civil "concussion litigation" claims against the NFL. 

It is important to consult with an experienced sports injury law attorney who will protect the rights of the injured player and receive maximum compensation for their NFL concussion claim. The Law Offices of Steven York combines extensive knowledge of concussion and our knowledge of NFL player contracts and the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement to successfully represent professional athletes in obtaining maximum compensation, and also ensure that all medical bills incurred by NFL related injuries are paid by workers’ compensation insurance.
Our firm is dedicated to retaining the leading experts in science and medicine to evaluate your injuries in order to present your claim in the most favourable light to the fund’s administrator who will be appointed to determine how much compensation a player and their family are entitled to. The medical experts we work closely with have access to the most advanced cutting edge technology which can be used to show damage to the brain in situations where that damage is not yet causing symptoms. This cutting edge, advanced technology allows us to obtain maximum compensation for players who have not yet experienced the full effects of their injuries which could develop in the future after their case has been settled.
As with all other injury claims our office handles, our firm accepts NFL Head Trauma and Concussion claims on a contingent fee basis. All consultations are free.
If you are a retired NFL player or family member of a retired NFL player who is experiencing cognitive deficits and are interested in learning more about compensation available to you or your family, contact us or call us toll free at (619)233-1033.