Working with an INDIVIDUAL personal injury ATTORNEY Vs. a LARGE personal injury law firm

Concierge medicine is catching on and for good reason.  The same phenomenon exists in the legal profession.  Could a concierge attorney be the answer? 

More and more it is becoming increasingly difficult for individuals to have enough time to have their concerns heard by a physician.  You may have already experienced this.  You spend a total of five minutes with the doctor talking as fast as you can to describe your problems and symptoms.  He listens to around five percent of what you said and you leave with a bill for hundreds of dollars wondering if the doctor had your best interests in mind or was focused on getting you in and out of the office so that he can get to his next patient.  

A claim for personal injury is no different.  In order to obtain full value for your claim and get the best possible result, you need an attorney who can devote sufficient time to your claim.  An attorney who can take the time to listen to the details of your injuries and the negative impact to your life.  Again, if you are looking around for an attorney you may have experienced just the opposite. Your call is screened by a secretary and you talk as fast as you can trying to tell your story.  Then you are transferred to a paralegal and you repeat it.  Then you are transferred to a new attorney with no experience.  If the firm does decide to take your case, you are lucky if you have had an opportunity even once to speak to the attorney whose name is on the door.  


You do not have to settle for this kind of representation.  You deserve an attorney who will make himself or herself available to you to address your questions and concerns as they arise.  You are entering into a partnership and in order for that partnership to be successful, open communication is crucial.  Establishing a personal relationship with each client gives me the power to communicate their interests as if they were my own.  

Do not settle for having your case lost in the file room at a giant firm.  Your claim deserves personal attention, and so do you.  Having a personal relationship with your attorney permits communication and communication is the key to a successful claim.  Demand to have a personal relationship with the attorney who expects to be paid for representing your interests.  

I work transparently and will explain each point of this process as clearly as possible and will relentlessly fight for your rights or the rights of your loved one.

I do not charge fees up front or charge by the hour, instead I represent my clients on a contingency-fee basis. This means nothing is owed unless I successfully recover money on your behalf. Contact me today for a free case evaluation.